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Translation Services in Colorado Springs

iu Globelink, LLC offers professional document translations in more than 100 languages in virtually any topic. We also offer complex localization solutions for a variety of projects such as website and software translations, as well as audio, video and voice over.  We provide experts who understand not only your language and culture but also your industry:

  • Law
  • Medical
  • Education
  • Entertainment & Tourism
  • Business & Finance
  • Technology
  • Sports & Health
  • Hospitality
Certification available.


Although software tools and hardware platforms continue to advance, translation is still a craft and not a science. Translation will always require human intervention and human intuition. iu Globelink, LLC’s appreciation for this human factor is what distinguishes us from our competitors. We understand that a translator must have an in-depth familiarity and knowledge of at least two languages: a foreign language and a mother tongue. He or she must be able to write well and have an excellent command of the nuances of both the source and target languages. Finally, since no language is free of cultural influences, a quality translation also requires more than just linguistic accuracy; the translation must capture the tone, style, and register of the source text, and at the same time be rendered appropriately in its new cultural context.


Translator Selection and Qualification

iu Globelink, LLC translators are carefully chosen not only for their linguistic skills, their proven experience,  but also for their technical expertise. Many are ATA certified. Our translators include graduate-level linguists with credentials in a broad range of professions and trades. Project teams also include editors, technical revisers, and/or proofreaders, as appropriate. In addition, our helpful in-house staff provides personalized attention in order to provide you with an accurate, timely written product that responds to your needs.

Our Translation Quality Assurance and Our Editing Process

For technical and legal assignments, to minimize the chances of an error or omission in language or information, iu Globelink, LLC requires that two pairs of expert eyes look at all content from beginning to end: a translator and an  editor. They are both professional translators, native speaker of the target language, and meet the translator qualifications specified above.

Given stringent quality requirements for some sensitive and key project, our quality assurance will involve a three-steps. A translator, an editor and a proofreader to provide the final check.

Our clients can always rest assured that their work is held in confidence by our translation and management teams. We are pleased to enter into formal Confidentiality Agreements when requested.

Our Technology for Terminology Standardization

Most iu Globelink, LLC translators use some type of memory-based translation tools such as Trados™, SDLX™, WordFast™, etc. This guarantees that the same phrases are translated identically and the terminology is used consistently even if different translators work on different portions of the document. These tools also decrease the translation time, resulting in faster turnaround, and decreased cost to the client. In case multiple translators are used, we use a Lead Translator (LT) whose responsibility is to make sure that all translators use the same standardized terminology.

Some of our clients supply or require the use of pre-existing glossaries. It is the task of the LT to ensure that the other translators adhere to mandatory glossaries.


For more detailed information, please contact our Translation Coordinator directly at 719.532.0300 or Email Us.


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