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TCI (The Community Interpreter)

The Community Interpreter ® is the only national training program in the U.S. for community interpreters. It is the most comprehensive, in-depth program for interpreters who work across a broad spectrum of services. Our version is designed to address all three target audiences: medical, educational, and social services interpreters.

Classes Offered

TCI (The Community Interpreter)

The Community Interpreter [TCI] – A nationally recognized interpreter training program.

The Community Interpreter is a ground-breaking 40-hour national certificate program in community interpreting produced by Cross-Cultural Communications. This interpreting training course targets the training needs of community interpreters and bilingual staff who work in Health Care, Education and Social/Human Services. The course promotes national ethics and standards of practice for interpreters and can prepare them for national medical interpreter certification. This interpreter training program is approved by the Certification Commission of Healthcare Interpreters for 12 CCHI CE hours and by the American Translators Association for 10 ATA Ceps.

Please note:

        1. This is a language neutral course. It is taught in English.
        2. The Community Interpreter® – Medical does NOT provide certification. It provides a Certificate of Successful Completion as one of the steps in the certification process.
        3. The program offers three levels of certificates for successful candidates, based on their level of oral language proficiency results:
          • Level 1: Qualified Interpreter
          • Level 2: Professionally Trained Interpreter
          • Level 3: Hospitality Interpreter

The program covers topics such as:

      • Overview of the profession and professional settings
      • Sight translation
      • Consecutive and simultaneous interpreting practice
      • Role-playing
      • Note-taking techniques
      • Readings in the field
      • Exercises for building memory and concentration
      • Discussion of practices, standards, and ethics
      • Vocabulary in the medical and legal fields


Applicants must be at least 18 years of age, with a minimum of a HS diploma or equivalent, (BA preferred). Language proficiency proof is mandatory.

At this time, TCI accreditation requires testing in the participant’s non-native language only. Proficiency in the NATIVE language is usually provided through a high school diploma or higher degree where the language of instruction is the native language of the candidate.  If the participant grew up in the U.S. speaking both languages, testing in both languages may be required.

Previous Training was held at GlobeLink Foreign Language Center, 802 South Tejon St., Colorado Springs, CO 80903

      • Under the TCI® license agreement you must pass a neutral third-party language assessment.  The language proficiency testing ensures that there is a basic level of fluency in both English and the Target Language. If you already have a copy of your scores from a recognized fluency test, please contact us to determine if it can take the place of the required language assessment.

Note: A participant with a college degree from an accredited university where the native language was the instruction language can be exempt from the language proficiency test requirement for that language.

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Schedule & Enrollment

* Classes are subject to cancellation if enrollment is below six students.

* Class registration and payment deadline is three weeks prior to scheduled start date.

TCI schedule still pending. Contact us for more information.

The Community Interpreter

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