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On-site & OPI Languages

While on-site interpreting is the optimal approach to comply with language access requirements, particularly when you are face-to-face with a an Limited English Proficiency (LEP) client, Globelink can now provide interpreters for more than 200 languages!

iu Globelink, LLC now has capabilities for On-demand Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) in more than 75 languages allowing us to immediately respond to your interpreting needs for telephone follow-up visits or emergency interpreting needs. We can also provide you with OPI scheduled services in an additional 130 languages.

On-Site languages

On-Site Interpreting Languages

OPI On-Demand

On-Demand Over the Phone
Interpreting Languages

OPI (Pre-scheduled required)

Over the Phone Interpreting
Languages of Lesser Diffusion

Advanced Scheduling Required – Minimum billing of 30 minutes

While not all situations for interpretation can be achieved over the phone, there are many situations when they can. Take advantage of over 100+ Languages available over the phone, many of them On-Demand! You must sign up with us in order to use this service.

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