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Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services in Colorado Springs

Globelink Foreign Language Center offers interpreter services in Colorado Springs, Denver Metropolitan area, and all of Southern Colorado.  We are a pre-approved vendor for many schools, government agencies, international organizations, hospitals and clinics.  We guarantee professional, reliable, and prompt services.

Interpreters On-Call

Schedule our interpreters 7 days a week, 365 days a year.  We interpret more than 100 languages.  If we can’t get an interpreter to your site due to short notice, a qualified interpreter will be able to assist you by telephone.

Medical Interpreters

Our staff includes medical interpreters who are professionally trained and qualified  with expertise in medical terminology in their working languages.  Each is fluent in the nuances of the source and target cultures in order to provide the highest quality communication.

Our medical interpreters are professionally trained through nationally recognized training programs (either BTG or TCI).  And, many have also been certified through CHI or CMI.  All of our interpreters are bound by a strict code of professional ethics.  Their role is to observe, and protect the confidentiality of all parties to an assignment.

Legal and Court Interpreters

In addition to medical interpreters, our staff includes trained legal and court interpreters.  Our legal interpreters are available for depositions, immigration appointments, court dates, and all other legal matters.

Business Interpreters

For both local and global businesses, Globelink provides interpreters for business meetings, conferences, training sessions, and workshops.  We also offer translation services for business documents.

How do we handle your request?

We are only a phone call away. You can reach us at (719) 532-0300, Monday-Friday from 8:00 am – 5:00 pm.  Alternatively, you can fill out our online form or download our request form and fax it to us. We will respond promptly and guide you.

Nights, Weekends & Holidays

We are on-call 24/7/365 days per year.  After hours our main phone number, (719) 532-0300 , forwards to our on-call person.  For your convenience GlobeLink FLC offers telephone interpreting services when an on-site, face to face interpreter is not available in your area.

What you can expect

Our courteous and knowledgeable, multi-lingual, admin staff will handle your request promptly and personally.  We’ll ensure any special needs are met and  ensure effective communication between the provider and client (the Limited English Proficient individual or LEP).  After identifying the number and type of interpreters needed, and the environment where service will be provided, a qualified interpreter is assigned. Our staff will confirm coverage and dispatch the interpreter.

Schedule an Interpreter Online

For established clients we provide the ability to schedule an interpreter online through our online scheduling and management secure platform.  Upon registering with us, clients sign into their online portal to schedule an interpreter.  Additionally, they have access to on-demand Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) in 50 languages.

For more detailed information, please contact our Interpreting Services Coordinator directly at (719) 532-0300 or Email Us.

We look forward to showing you what sets the foreign language interpreters at GlobeLink apart from the rest!

On-Site Languages

We have interpreters in Colorado Springs for on-site interpreter services in the following languages

Arabic Dari Japanese Nepali Swahili
Amharic Dutch Kikongo Oromo Tagalog
Bosnian Farsi Kikuyu Pashto Taiwanese
Burmese French Kirundi Polish Thai
Cambodian (Khmer) German Korean Portuguese Tigrinya
Chinese – Cantonese Greek Kurdish Romanian Tigre
Chinese – Mandarin Hebrew Lao Russian Turkish
Ciluba (Tshiluba) Hindi Lingala Serbian Ukrainian
Creole Hungarian Lithuanian Somali Urdu
Croatian Italian Mongolian Spanish Vietnamese

OPI On-Demand

We have Interpreters in Colorado Springs for On-Demand Over the Phone Interpreting (OPI) in the following languages

Albanian Dari Ibo Mandarin Somali
Amharic Dutch Indonesian Mandingo Spanish
Arabic Farsi Italian Marshallese Swahili
Armenian Filipino Japanese Mongolian Tagalog
Bangla French Karen Nepali Tamil
Bengali Fulani Karenni Oromo Tedim (Tiddim)
Bosnian Georgian Khmer Pashto Thai
Bulgarian German Kinyarwanda Persian Tibetan
Burmese Greek Kirundi Polish Tigrinya
Cambodian/Khmer Gujarati Korean Portuguese Tongan
Canadian French Haitian Creole Kurdish Punjabi Turkish
Cantonese Hakha-Chin Laotian Romanian Twi
Chin Hakka-Chinese Lithuanian Russian Ukrainian
Chin-Hakha Hebrew Macedonian Samoan Urdu
Croatian Hindi Mai Mai Serbian Vietnamese
Czech Hmong Malayalam Serbo-Croatian Yoruba

OPI (Pre-scheduled required)

List of OPI Languages Available
(Advanced Scheduling Required)

While not all situations for interpretation can be achieved over the phone, there are many situations when they can. Take advantage of over 100+ Languages available over the phone, many of them On-Demand! You must sign up with us in order to use this service.


Dyula Jula (Dyula, Dioula) Mien Sinhala
Akan Estonian Kachin Mina Slovenian
Amoy Ewe Kanjobal Minangkabau Slovak
Asante Falam Kannada Mirpuri Soninke
Assyrian Fante Kaqchikel Mixteco Soso
Azerbaijani (Azeri) Fijian Kazakh Moldovian (Romanian) Sudanese
Badini Finnish Kejia Montenegro Swedish
Bahasa Flemish Kikongo Navajo Sylheti
Bajuni Fugian Kikuyu Norwegian Syriac (Aramaic)
Bamanankan Fukienese Krio Nuer Taiwanese
Bambara Fuzhou Kurdish- Kurmanji, Sorani Oriya Tajik
Basque Ga Kyrgyz Ouoloff Telugu
Baungshe Garre Lao Patois Teochew
Belarusian Haka Luo Pawi Tetum
Berber Hassaniya Latvian Pidgin Tohono O’Odham
Bravanese Hausa Leta Pulaar Toisan
Cape Verdian

(Portuguese Creole)

Hindko Lingala Punjabi Uyghur
Catalan Hunan Luganda Putian Uzbek
Cebuano Hungarian Lugya Quechua Visayan
Chaldean Igbo Malay Quiche Walloon
Chuukese Ilocano Malinke Sarikoli Wenzhou
Danish Ilonggo Mam Shanghainese Wolof
Dinka Jarai Mandinka Shona Yiddish
Dioula Javanese Marathi Sicilian


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