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Japanese Classes in Colorado Springs

Language Overview



Why not learn Japanese, here in Colorado Springs?

Do you learn best in a small classroom setting?  For the best learning experience, join us at iu Globelink, LLC.  We offer Japanese classes in Colorado Springs at our location at 802 S. Tejon Street.

If a class doesn’t fit into your schedule, check out our private Japanese lessons, private small group lessons, and onsite corporate lessons.

Why Japanese?

Anime, manga, sushi and teriyaki… There is so much to gain by learning Japanese beyond what comes to mind when we think Japanese.

It is a gateway to other Asian languages and cultures! Because of Japan’s long history and rich culture, shaped by the influence of many of Asia’s great civilizations, studying Japanese, will offer you a familiarity with many other Asian cultures.

Japan is also one of the largest economies in the world, with strong trade ties to the US. Knowing Japanese can bring business opportunities.

Learn Japanese with us, open up a world of opportunities!

Classes Offered

Intro to Japanese

This class is a good start for complete beginners that have not been exposed to Japanese language before, and want to acquire practical spoken communication skills while learning the fundamentals about Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji.  This language course will also help you understand the Japanese work ethic, their business etiquette, and knowing which cultural faux pas to avoid.

Course details:
 Total: 18 hrs – 12 sessions of 1.5 hours each, for 6 weeks
 Textbooks are not included
 Learning with a colleague, friends or family? Invite them along for a closed group class, and as the organizer, you will receive a $25 discount.

Schedule & Enrollment

* Our Group Classes are designed for ages 16 years and up.

* Classes are subject to cancellation if enrollment is below four students.

* Class registration deadline is one week prior to scheduled start date.

* Textbooks are not included.


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