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Italian Classes in Colorado Springs

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Are you looking for Italian classes in Colorado Springs?  Look no further.  At iu Globelink, LLC we offer a number of Italian classes for everyone at every level of knowledge.  Our talented, professional Italian instructors bring their passion for the Italian culture and make learning Italian fun.

Classes are held at our headquarters at 802 S. Tejon.  Our class sizes are kept small specifically to ensure that each of students receives maximum interaction with the instructor.

If a classroom setting is not right for you, we also offer private Italian lessons, private group lessons, and onsite corporate lessons.

Why Learn to Speak Italian?

Italy is a favorite tourist destination with over 50 million visitors each year.  The Italian language is spoken throughout Italy and is an official language in Switzerland, San Marino, Vatican City, Slovenia, Croatia and is spoken in a total of 29 countries.  It is considered the easiest of the romance languages to learn.  Whether you are planning a visit to Italy and just want to know enough to get around, or you want to become fluent, we have the classes for you.


Classes Offered

Intro to Italian

An introductory course for complete beginners, or speakers with very limited knowledge & exposure to Italian. Course provides basic Italian language skills for everyday life & includes cultural insights.


Passport to Italy

This course is aimed at providing you with day-to-day basic survival conversational skills. You will learn cultural norms, faux pas to avoid, and mannerisms to pick up. You will also learn to be comfortable ordering at a restaurant, asking for directions, shopping, and using public transportation.



Italian Conversation

Italian Conversation group class, or as we call it “Italian Lunch Hour”, is ideal for the intermediate-high and advanced learners for practicing communication in a friendly surrounding. This is a good way to refresh your knowledge, keep up your understanding of the language or simply practice with others in a fun environment. Just bring your lunch to class and enjoy it while improving your language skills.



Spend your day in your favorite country without leaving town !

Practice your language skills during our immersion days. This course is designed to help intermediate and advanced students freshen up conversational skills through fun and exciting activities, board games, etc.


Schedule & Enrollment

* Our Group Classes are designed for ages 16 years and up.

* Classes are subject to cancellation if enrollment is below four students.

* Class registration deadline is one week prior to scheduled start date.

* Textbooks are not included.




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