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Class FAQ’s

    • I am a beginner. How long will it take me to be fluent?
    • Learning a new language doesn’t happen overnight. Many factors affect the overall length of time a person might need to go from a novice level to advanced. Our chart should help you establish the approximate amount of hours you will need to achieve the results you are looking for, however, keep in mind that this is only a guideline since people learn at a different pace from one another.

    • When can I come to class?
    • We can plan a class to fit your busy schedule. Do you need to come to class in the morning while your child is in school? No problem. Do you only have time on one evening during the week? We can arrange the class for the time of your choice. Some of our instructors can even accommodate you on week-ends.

    • Can I check out one of your classes?
    • Absolutely. Please call the front office to arrange to audit one of our classes at no charge. We will only ask that you do not disturb or interrupt the lesson you are to audit. Feel free to ask the instructor any questions at the end of class or stop by the front office before leaving if you wish to receive additional information.

    • I have taken classes a long time ago, I do not know what my level is, how can I tell?
    • Please click here to see the ACTFL equivalency and level description chart.

    • I already speak fluently, but I need to practice speaking the language. Do you have such a class?
    • We can easily arrange a one-on-one class that will cover only the conversation aspect of the language you know.

    • Do you provide classes that would help with my accent? How long will it take me to be able to see any results?
    • Thank you for asking. Our pronunciation and accent reduction classes are perfect for your situation. We have helped countless people improve their English, both for business purposes, or just because they have reached a point in their learning process where only taking lessons will help them improve their pronunciation. Let our instructors help you to truly “hear” what you are saying.

      Results differ from person to person, however, you will start to notice some difference from the very beginning, simply because you will be able to single out some of the words you are saying incorrectly and work on them right away. Of course, it takes time to correct “bad habits”, but with dedication and perseverance, you will find that meeting for only 90 minutes each week you will be repeating yourself less and less and be able to obtain reasonable improvement within 6 months.

    • Can I get a discount for classes?
    • If you know you will be taking classes for a prolonged period of time, paying for a larger amount of class hours up front allows you to benefit from the additional discount we extend to our students.



    • Will I need to buy a book?
    • During your first class your instructor will assess you and will be able to discuss with you the need to purchase a book or not. Some instructors work with materials they prepare themselves and there is hardly a need for a book during the first few lessons. We believe that at some point however a book is extremely useful and directly impacts your progress. You should discuss your goals with your instructor and together you will be able to decide what text book will help fulfill those needs best.

    • What happens if I am unhappy with the instructor you have assigned me?
    • Our class coordinator wants to ensure that you will be absolutely satisfied with the choice that is made when assigning your class. She will ask you questions that will allow her to pair you with the right instructor, however, if you are not satisfied, be sure to contact her as soon as possible so that we might either reassign your class or work on the issues directly so that your needs are met.

      Your satisfaction is guaranteed!

    • My nephew is going to be coming from China and living with my family for the next few years. He will attend a local high school but we are told that he will need to take additional ESL lessons in order to be able to catch up with the other kids. Can you help?
    • Of course. We offer ESL lessons for kids from different countries now living and attending school in Colorado Springs. The school is, at times, unable to provide the amount of ESL instruction the student needs, therefore we can help with additional lessons, evaluating the student at first which enables us to provide the best learning tools and lesson plan.

    • Do you offer the I20 form for foreign students?
    • We are not able to provide you with the I20 form presently but we are considering looking into it for the near future.

    • I own a local business and I would like to offer Spanish classes for my employees. Can one of your instructors come to our location?
    • Absolutely. We offer corporate, on-site classes to fit your needs. We can arrange classes to fit your schedule and that of your employees. All we need to know is how many people you need lessons for and their level. If necessary, we can schedule three different classes, one for beginners, one for intermediate and one for the more advanced group of students so everyone can learn at the appropriate pace.

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